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Who or what is Rochambeau?

1. Rochambeau is French for the game Rock, Paper, Scissors

2. I'm a boutique styled photographer specializing in making my clients feel amazing.

3. You will receive 5 STAR service with an artistic twist.

4. I typically only book 15 weddings a year so that each couple has my full attention with a snappy turnaround.

5. Custom weddings are my thing.  I take your ideas and throw my spin on the fun.

6. All images and books received are edited and finessed by me.

7. You may email, call, or text me-whatever floats your boat.

8. I might be a goofball and love what I do, plus I make sure that everyone is having a great time… I'm a happy little photog-ninja.

9. I have another business website that covers Real Estate, Business Headshots, Corporate Events and Fine Art

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